Zombie Circus Goats

Created by Dubious Merit Games

The zombie party goat strategy card game for windbags, scoundrels, and friends of the bleating undead.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

You did it!!!
11 months ago – Fri, Jun 05, 2020 at 12:14:34 AM

You unlocked our 40k Stretch Goal and blasted some Zombies to the Moon! 

We'll get right to work on this Expansion Pack, but for sure it's going to include:

  • Space Cerberus w/ 3 helmets + some sort of new fetching ability.
  • The Bearded Man with a goat alien busting out of his chest.
  • An infected asteroid.
  • A Zombie with a lightsaber.

Thank You Insane Amazing Kickstarter Backers!!!

And we can't wait to send it to you.

Uncle Lenny's on the way.  The Colonel stopped off for snacks.  Felicia won't stop texting.  The crew's headed to your place.  It's time to get weird.

Comments?  Questions?  Let us know.  We'll be sending out surveys soon.  If you missed out on something you'll be able to add it to your order, or send a game to a weird friend through our pledge manager.

Love to all.

Alec, Taylor, & Riiiiiingo

Holy crap. What a day!
11 months ago – Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 09:20:06 AM

Hello friends.

It's our last day on Kickstarter and we're feeling the love.  We're hoping to bust that 40k mark and unlock our 2nd Stretch Goal:  Zombies Invade the Moon.  It's not a sure thing, but it's possible!  That would mean 13 more zombies, this time with space helmets, laser beams, and aliens.   Ringo reeeeally wants to do a Bearded Man with a goat alien bursting out of his chest.  That's family friendly, right?  Ish?  What self-respecting 12-year old hasn't seen Alien?

Anyway, we'll be setting our engines to overdrive after our campaign wraps up, to meet our June 15th goal for completing all art files.

As of right now:

  •  Base Game:  (Main Deck, Carnival Deck) Done.
  •  NSFW1:  Done.
  •  NSFW2:  Almost done.
  •  RWC1:  Done.
  •  +2 Players Pack:  50% done.
  •  Warning:  There are Goblins:  In process.
  •  Zombies Invade the Moon:  A spark toward the back of Ringo's brain, behind the toaster. 

Want to see some new cards?

Okey doke.  The last one is gonna make you feel weird inside. 

Told you.  

And on that note, we're gonna curl up with some wine, maybe listen to Goodbye Horses and try not to get creeped out.

Thank you for taking this crazy ride with us.

Love from the grateful ZCG team,

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo

P. S.  If you want to know about the King's Butter and won't get awkward about it, you may click here.

Goblins Unleashed!
12 months ago – Thu, May 28, 2020 at 08:33:51 PM

Now you've done it.

You've unlocked the Goblins!

Now there will be 13 new Goblins running around in every order of Zombie Circus Goats.

*In their fezzes and robes.  

*Snarky Goblins having bad times at birthday parties.

*Cranky Goblins in bumper cars.

*Basically anyplace you wouldn't expect to hear a sad trombone, you can count on a Goblin being there to blow one.

*If you have Goblin ideas, be sure to let us know.  We'll be working on the Warning:  There are Goblins! Expansion Pack this week.

And now for our next Stretch Goal:  Zombies Invade the Moon!

40k is a lofty goal, but the campaign has blasted off in this last week, so if we finish strong, it's a possibility.

Thanks everyone for supporting our crazy game.  We can't wait to send it to you.

We've been working around the clock during this campaign, and are still on track to ship all the files to Ad Magic (our manufacturer) by mid-June.  That means you get your game on time!

Love and Guts!

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo

4 more horrible NSFW Cards! 🔥🔥🔥 Warning: Do not open if you do not want to see a Pixie butthole.
12 months ago – Mon, May 25, 2020 at 08:35:30 PM

Hello everyone.  We hope your Memorial Day was joyous and filled with wonderments.

And if it wasn't so much, if it was more like mmmm taking a stroll around the block, maybe having a zoom call with the in-laws, and savoring those sweet precious moments of human connection with the cute checker at the grocery store, plus:

1.  A long stretch of hanging out by yourself,


2.  A long stretch of hanging out with the same people who are the only people you've seen in two freaking months


3.  A long stretch of hanging out with your cat, who is like, "You've been home a lot lately and honestly it is beginning to wear on my scene," or your dog, who is like, "You've been home a lot lately and honestly we should do this every day until both of us are dead,"


We have something to cheer you up.  Or make you mad.  It depends how you feel about Pixie buttholes.  


4 of our new NSFW cards.  With improved aerodynamics, for your windmill slam.

Note:  Images are downloadable.   Offend whomever you like.  You have our persimmons.

Thank you for your attention.  We hope you have increased levels of dopamine in your brain* compared to the levels you had 40 seconds ago.

As for the three of us, we have strong positive feelings about you.

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo.

*If your dopamine has reached levels that require shouting, you may click here.

A Big Pile of Cards and the Journey of 1 Particular Card: Cerberus!
12 months ago – Wed, May 20, 2020 at 05:11:26 PM

Hello everyone from Alec, Taylor, & Ringo!

Today, we wanted to the share the process we go through to make the crazy cards for Zombie Circus Goats.  Here's our drink-fetching card, Cerberus.  But he didn't start here.

1.  Typically the card design process begins when Alec thinks or hears a thing he believes to be funny.  Often, he will write that thing down in his notebook.  To date, Alec has 3 notebooks full of things for ZCG.  The notebooks look something like this (actually they look exactly like this, since these are the notebooks):

2.  After writing down the thing, Alec begins bouncing ideas around with Taylor and Ringo.  Ringo will often make valuable suggestions for improvements such as, "I like that card idea, can we do it with gold sparkles around the edges?"  Taylor will typically start illustrating, which is a professional form of drawing.

3.  In the case of Cerberus, she started here:

4.  Then metamorphosed him into a 3-headed dog-bear:

5.  Then we decided that what was missing here was that he should fetch us a drink:

6.  But that the drink should be on the floor.

7.  Taylor added some shading.

8.  Dialed in the final touches.

9.  We chose the card blank reserved for our Freak Show characters:

10.  Added some text.

11.  And Presto!  Cerberus the 3-headed drink-fetching dog was born.  1st try!

We believe good art takes time.  Cerberus went though a few more iterations than most of our cards, but the process we just described is how we do them all!

Thank you so much for supporting this crazy game.

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo

P. S.  One of our favorite things to learn about Kickstarter as we get settled in has been how social it is for creators.  There are a TON of people working on great projects every day, here are some of the game-creating friends we've made in the past few days:

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