Zombie Circus Goats

Created by Dubious Merit Games

The zombie party goat strategy card game for windbags, scoundrels, and friends of the bleating undead.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production and Shipping Update!
8 months ago – Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 02:23:58 PM

Hello ZCG backers!

We just heard from our manufacturer (AdMagic) that physical production of the game will be done by Oct. 12th.

At that time, they'll ship us a single copy to make sure everything is perfect, and once we give our approval they'll ship us ALL the copies, including yours.

The bulk shipment of games will be in transit to us for around 30 days, and we'll do everything in our powers to make sure you receive your game as soon as possible after we receive them.

We'll post another update soon, within the next week, with more specific dates as soon as we get answers to a few of our own questions about the process.

In the meantime, here are some more cards from the game:

That's all for now, hope all are well.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, we love hearing from you.

-Alec, Taylor, & Riiiiiiiiiiingo

Sneaky sneaky card interactions!
9 months ago – Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 03:39:02 PM

Hello scintillating, scrumptious supporters of Zombie Circus Goats!

We have some succulent news for you.  

The zombie party goat strategy card game of 2020 has been uploaded to Ad Magic (our manufacturer) and the manufacturing process has officially begun.

Hooray!  It's been a long process, but we wanted to do it right and make the game the best it could be.

The Weird Friends / Good Times Goblin will be in full color, under the box lid where he belongs.  You know, this guy:

Also, the Filthy Lucre dice will be just as we wanted them: 

And, there will be a secret hidden in every box.  We don't know if you know this, but just prior to launching the ZCG Kickstarter we ran a 5-city scavenger hunt.  Buttons like this started popping up in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Berkeley, and San Francisco during the winter of 2019:

What commenced was the largest public scavenger hunt that has been run on the West Coast in quite some time, possibly ever.  30 ciphers were solved over a period of 12 weeks.  The winning team ended up  hiking down a cougar-infested trail in rural Oregon to find buried treasure on the banks of the Sandy River.  You can read about the whole thing here.

We're not saying that the secret in your box is going to lead you down a cougar-infested trail, but we're not saying it won't, either.

Sneaky, sneaky card interactions

One of the hardest things to do in this whole shebang has been to convince people that ZCG is a bona fide strategy game.  But it is.  Sure, you can play it casually, in which case ZCG is mainly a vehicle for wine and shouting, but you can get really serious about it if you want to, too.

Take a moment, if you will, to consider the interaction between a card like Otto Rank: 

And cards like these:

Oh, my.  Are you seeing what we're seeing?

Or what about this one?  Sure, you can use her to protect your own card, but what if, bear with me here, you use her to "protect" an opponents non-goat card?  See what we're saying?  Omisha is savage. 

And lastly, what about Tents?  Tents are busted, that's what!

How do they work?  When you put a Tent into play (by paying the Filthy Lucre cost in the upper right hand corner) you immediately select which Talent cards go inside your Tent.  You can take them out at any time, but you can never put new Talent in your Tent.

Then, when it's your turn, you double Show Payouts for all Talent in your Tent.  And, it that weren't enough (and it is) opponents can't target Talent in Tents!

DO NOT BE SHY about using your Black Knights to counter Tents is what we are saying here.

Ok, that is all for now!  

We'll let you know about manufacturing as the process unfolds.  

All of you have beautiful elbows and none of you have bony adam's apples.  We are quite taken with you.

Alec, Taylor, & Riiiiingo 

Finally, we wanted to share with you some awesome projects that we've had our eye on. These are all fresh projects and exciting creators who could use your support.

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ALL the cards are done! And a bunch of them are in this update.
9 months ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 03:32:22 PM

Hello ZCG backers!

ALL THE CARDS are done!  We're uploading to manufacturing (Ad Magic) on Monday!  And then the final countdown to the goatiest game in centuries begins.  

We're sharing a ton of new cards in this update, so buckle up.  Full-bordered cards are all-plays.  You windmill them triumphantly unto the table and watch your friends scramble.  UNLESS it's the Bearded Man.  Him you play silently.

New Cards from Zombies Invade the Moon! 

 Ringo got his way.  There is a goat alien. 

 Beep, boop.  Flesh wounds repaired. 

 The best part of the new Star Wars movies was Kylo Ren's voice.

New cards from Warning:  There are Goblins! 

 Ummmmm, no. 

 This card is OP.  MasterBlaster would be proud. 

 Thank you, it's just what I wanted.

New cards from the +2 Players Pack! 

 Everyone knows Boba Fett.  Give 4-Lom some play.  Or branch out from Star Wars.  Dog? 

 Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? 

 Did you think I was too stupid to know what a eugoogooly was? 

 There doesn't seem to be anyone here. 

 Everyone loves a clumsy pirouette! 


New cards from Real World Consequences! 

 Bork bork! 

 Oh, I thought you played Stinkerbell.

New cards from NSFW1! 

 So, did the rooster...or? 

 This one's our White Album.  Should have seen the original.

New cards for NSFW 2! 

 Role-modeling appropriate urinal use. 

  Pretty sure those are the only two cards with dicks on them.

And with that, we're gonna wrap this update.

We're on the home stretch!  Manufacturing, Ad Magic ships to us, we ship to you.  

You'll be shouting nonsense at your weird friends before you know it.

Thank you so much for supporting ZCG.

Alec, Taylor, and Ringo

P. S.  In the first 2000 boxes, there is a secret.  That includes yours.

We just finished art for the last ZCG card!!!
10 months ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 05:31:23 PM

Hello, weird friends!

We just finished illustrations for our 21st Goblin, 7th Meerkat, and 13th Zombie on the Moon.

As of right now we're finalizing box design, updating instructions, and getting ready to upload files to Ad Magic, our manufacturer.  

Here's a peek inside our Instructions.

There are two ways to play Zombie Circus Goats.

1.  Wing It.

The first is to wing it. Skim the Quick-Start Instructions and call it good.

If you take this route, you’ll get 1-3 hours of screaming, crying, slapping, laughing, and pointless debates, which, all things considered, is not a terrible way to spend an evening.

Basically, ZCG becomes a vehicle for drinking wine with your weird friends, similar to how chips are a vehicle for hummus, and marriage is a vehicle for suffering. We support your choices.

2.  Read the Instructions.

The second is to embrace ZCG as a full-on strategy game, which, despite the shallow assumptions you made upon spotting cards like Stoned Grizzly Bear and Jonestown Lemonade Stand, it totally is.

If this is your choice, the first step is to slow your roll. Read the Full Instructions and chant this phrase together as a group:  “The cards are strange, but ZCG is a strategy game.”

You will be rewarded with 1-3 hours of screaming, crying, slapping, laughing, and pointless debates, at the end of which someone will be knighted the supreme winner of ZCG, probably because they were less buzzed than you, and paid attention to the many brilliant synergies and interactions between our cards.


Thank you for supporting our game.  It is nearly time to snort wine out your nose.

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo 

BackerKit Surveys are coming! +The Rabbit of Destruction
11 months ago – Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 07:38:47 AM

Hello Everyone!

We're emerging from the post-Kickstarter rush (and the emotional hang-over, sheesh, running a Kickstarter is a blast, and wrapping one up is like eating a whole cold pizza, followed by a few beers, plus a family-sized ice cream sundae, and then having long, deep talks with everyone you know.)

We've teamed up with a pledge manager, the rad team at BackerKit, to make sure you get absolutely everything you want out of Zombie Circus Goats.

BackerKit surveys are coming soon, along with our preorder store.  Want to mix-and-match?  Have questions or feedback?

Slowly realizing that you need our NSFW cards?  Have a weird friend who needs more Pixie Buttholes™ in their life?  You'll be able to do all that and more.

 Also, the ZCG team has been cranking on your Expansion Packs this week! 

Check out some Rabbits from your +2 Players Pack!

We'll be previewing more Goblins next!!!

  • Bad Time Bumpercars
  • Extremely Happy Birthday

Get in touch if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or excellent recipes for Spanakopita.

Thank you from all of us,

Alec, Taylor, & Ringo